Friday, February 18, 2011

O.T.W-- Kingpin Style

The weather was so nice over the past weekend. It was the kind of weather that basically requires one spend as much time as possible outside.

On Saturday Ryan and I hit up my cousins 3rd birthday party. It's always fun to hang with fam for a bit while we celebrate a birthday.

After the party we headed to Auburn for sushi and cocktails!! The food was delish and the cocktails strong- Just how I like 'um.

We ended Saturday night at the bowling alley. We met up with Ryan's bro, Clay and his cousin, Daniel. Also in attendance were Deidra and Caro.


We decided it would be best to divide into three teams. I naturally got paired with Ryan. I was thankful because he really carried our team in the first game.

Team Toland Sanford

Team Caro

Team Clay and Daniel. Cousins for Life!

I felt at the time it would be nice to document the Sanford's form. Clay tends to get low, whereas Ryan goes a bit figure skater style on us. Both methods proved to be consistent.

Deidra and I (along with my friend Kaci) took bowling as an elective when we were in school at Auburn. Basically the class consisted of meeting twice a week for two or three games of bowling.

Needless to say, we all made an A+ and probably had more fun that we should have. So Saturday night's bowling really took us down memory lane. (however, our performance did not lead anyone to believe we actually had an entire semester of bowling experience)

After the first game Deidra said, "Get a pic of the score board." I replied, "Nah. No need really." After the second game I decided I would snap a pic for the sake of the blog. Deidra caught me snapping away... and was all, "Why take a picture of this one? I came in last place?... Oh, I see. You didn't take a picture of the last score board because you lost." To which I responded, "It is for my blog. So I can do stuff like that!"  So in giving credit where credit is due.. I came in last place the first round and Deidra did the second round.

Sunday... Ryan hooked me up with some new tennis shoes as my Valentine prize, as that's what I basically requested.

It might not be the most romantic thing, but I was in dire need and they have made a huge difference at the gym. I love them!

Overall, it was a good weekend. Great weather, good food, bowling, cocktails, family, fun... can't beat it!

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Deidra said...

I'm glad we weren't put on the same team.... that would have been an unfair advantage!

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