Monday, July 26, 2010


Over the weekend...

Last week Ryan and I decided that we really needed a weekend without one thing/event we had to do or be at. We were going to take it easy and lay low. I wanted to hit up Home Depot and work on a few things around the house. Ryan didn't know it but he wanted to help me with a few things around the house.

Well, as the week progressed and Thursday was upon us we found out several of Ryan's hometown friends were going to be in town for this year's Aquapalooza on the lake. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know we are on board for a weekend filled with friends and fun on the lake.

Friday night we grilled at our house and then ventured over to some friends' house for an evening of catching up. Saturday we headed to the lake for Aquapalooza. This year's event was smaller than last year but just as much fun.

I don't have one single picture from Friday night or Saturday... I wasn't on my game apparently.

The only picture I do have is from Sunday... Ryan snapped it on my blackberry (so excuse the picture quality).

This is how Maggie and I spent our Sunday afternoon...

...regrouping from a weekend of fun!

Hope your weekend was as much fun as ours!


Lacey said...

haha I don't have one picture either! you and maggie rainbow are the same person.

tootie said...

Ha! Nothing beats a good nap after a busy weekend :)

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