Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Wounded Feet

***I must preface this by saying: This is a post of nonsense. No one will probably care about this story and for those of you who make it to the end-- please, note there is no need to send any "get well" cards my way. Thanks.***

(this is the picture that came up when I googled "my feet hurt")

Bless my tiny feet. They have had a rough couple of days. Over the weekend I had an incident involving my right foot. I was returning from an evening out (I was staying at a lake house for a bachelorette party) and decided to take my shoes off prior to returning to the house, as my shoes were hurting my feet. As I stepped out of the car, which was too closely parked to the edge of the driveway... I hit some loose gravel.

The gravel created a gnarly wound on the bottom of my right foot. I tried to tell the friends I was staying with that my foot was injured badly. No one believed me until we took a good look. Let's just say gravel was lodged into my foot. Before bed that night (read three o'clock in the morning) I sent Ryan a text that read, "Love you. Hurt my foot. Puncture wound. It has bled. I think I'm okay though." I am sooo not dramatic, huh? (the things ryan puts up with)

So at the moment my right foot isn't in it's best shape.

Well, I went home for lunch today and decided to be productive while I was there. You see, our Lucite coffee table came in and so did our new furniture. I love the Lucite coffee table but paired with our new furniture it was too small. It just didn't work. So I've called CB2 and I'm sending it back.

While I was home for lunch I decided I need to move the new coffee table out of the living room so that it doesn't get messed up in anyway (since were not keeping it). So I moved it out-- no biggie. Next, I had to move the old coffee table back into the room. Everything went smoothly to begin with, but about half way through the process I dropped the coffee table on my left foot. One of my toes immediately began pouring blood from under the toenail... pretty gross stuff.

I handled it like a grown up by sitting down in the floor and mumbling a few choice words then tearing up.

I now have two wounded feet.  So if you see me out and about and I'm walking with a limp... I'm not trying to be thuggish or cool-- it's just that I have two injured feet.


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