Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Suit

Maggie had to spend the night all alone this past Saturday while Ryan and I were in Birmingham attending a wedding.

She just chilled in the kitchen, with food and water. I would have been scared because I don't like to spend the night alone... but Maggie seemed unphased. Ryan's sister, Ali, was kind enough to go by and walk her late Saturday night.

Sunday as Ryan and I were getting close to home, we began discussing just how scary it might be. Did she use the restroom inside? Did she get into something random? Did we leave something out that she could chew up? We didn't know what to expect, but we were bracing for the worst.

Upon entering the house we were greeted by sweet Maggie. Nothing was too scary and Mags seemed unphased by spending the night alone.

I decided she deserved a prize! I had to buy groceries and I just happened to walk by the pet care aisle. And there it was...

You see, Maggie loves the pool. We go quite often and she sun bathes on the top step of the pool. I think she finds it very relaxing.

So in honor or her being so good Saturday night I bought her a little something to make pool time even better:

Yes, that is a pink polka dot bikini!!

Maggie can't wait for our next day spent by the pool!!

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