Monday, August 17, 2009

A Good Weekend

I spent this past Friday night with two of my best friends, Bess and Lacey- and it was much needed. Sometimes a girl just needs a night with the girls! Can I get a amen? I just love them and don't get to see enough of them since were not in the same town anymore. Friday night we had dinner at Cocina Superior to celebrate, Margret's birthday (in the pink shirt below).

It's always a bit loud and quite entertaining if you have a few of us together, as we tend to talk over one another and to be honest in all the excitement we don't always listen. We ate, drank and made merry and then hit up Innisfree for a good time. We danced on the front and only row, harassed the band pretty hard core, and even joined them on stage for a rendition of some random song. I did learn that Bess plays a mean tambourine! [I think the band loved it. It really added that little something extra.]

Click to enlarge photo collage.

I love to visit with friends and it's always hard to leave them, but I love to come home to this guy so I guess that makes it okay...

Side note for the lady's who were in attendance for dinner:

ON THREE, let's get in here for "Nachos"... One, two, three.... "NO ENTREES" What?


Kristen said...

What about the aftermath of the patrone shot on one lovely lady?

Jessica said...

I guess that's what those plates that came out with the patrone were for... haha. She's a wimp!

Lacey said...

I know, whoever struggles with Patron is such a wimp! Let's not invite that girl to the next function!

Loving the pics!!! Such good times, I have warm feelings right about now.

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