Monday, June 4, 2012

O.T.W. 5K & Fun

Over the weekend...

Friday night Ryan and I met up with a few friends for dinner at our local Mexican restaurant for a little casual dinner. It was a fun evening but we called it a night a little earlier than usual, as I had to be up early on Saturday morning.

Prior to dinner Friday night

Saturday morning I had 7:30 am call time at the start finish line of a 5K. Deidra and I had convinced our moms that  they could complete a 5K. They've been working hard to try to lead healthier lifestyles. They've been going to the gym several times a week and working hard to get in shape.

It was a good goal for them to set and work toward.

Saturday morning was the big day!

So we stretched it out:

Lined up on the mark:

And took off!

A pretty pic along the race route.

Mom and Paula finished strong. They even ran it on in to the finish line!

They both did awesome and crossed the finish line together!

After the race we decided to head to the pool to relax for a bit. It was the perfect day to be by the pool. (or outside doing anything for that matter)

Saturday night Ryan and I attended his cousin's wedding. It was really sweet. I love any occasion where I get to dress up and have Ryan Sanford as my handsome date!

Sunday we hit the lake up a little more fun in the sun!

Pretty perfect weekend!

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