Tuesday, June 19, 2012

O.T.W. -- Celebrations Galore

Last weekend was jammed packed!!

Friday night we hosted an farewell BBQ at our house for our friend, Champ. He recently took a job in Kentucky and last weekend was his last in town. I felt like we had to have some sort of send off, so that's just what we did. 
Champ Saying Bye!

At one point, we each told our favorite Champ memory. It was too funny!

Champ, I know you sometimes read Stage Fright Jitters so if you're reading this I hope your new job is going great and that you have a hot secretary! 

Saturday morning we were up early. Ali and Jackson spent the weekend with us, which is always fun. 

So Ali and I hopped up, tossed on our swim suits and headed to the pool. A quick call to Deidra and she was there too!
Ali doing the perfect dive.

Yours Truly praying I don't land on my ass doing a front flip

We only got to enjoy the fun of the pool for a short time because we had a wedding to get ready to attend. 

Saturday night we cleaned up for Hadley and Kris's wedding. It was quite the lake affair! 

We feasted on crab cakes made right in front of us, prime rib, cheeses of all kinds, fruit galore, and of course, I enjoyed both the groom's and bride's cake. Perfection!

Church in the Pines. Right on Lake Martin

Kaci and Bess

We danced and laughed, but my favorite part of the evening was when we saw the couple off. As they departed on a fancy yacht we lit Chinese Lanterns to cast in to the evening sky. It was so romantic. 

It was the perfect ending to their night. 

On Sunday, Ryan and I hit up all the family gathering in honor of our Dads and Granddads. We are lucky enough to have some pretty awesome men in our family. I have quite the fondness in my heart for my sweet daddy! 

Busy weekends are great. We have lots of fun, but I'm looking forward to having a weekend in the near future that is a little less fast paced!!  

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