Thursday, May 31, 2012

O.T.W- MD Baby

Whew. I'm glad this is short week because it is tough to come off of a long action packed weekend to a week filled with serious work obligations.

Alas, who cares about tough work weeks let's talk MD!

Memorial Day has become somewhat of a major holiday for my friends and I. We send mass emails and group texts for weeks leading up to the actual event. One mass text even compared the excitement of MD to Christmas morning. Intense, I tell you. We have koozies made and tank tops printed even.

It really is the most exciting weekend. MD means, summer has officially started. It means having a weekend filled with lake time, sun, grilling and nonsense. But most importantly it means that we get a solid weekend in our good ole home town to just let our hair down with our best friends.

Sadly, Ryan had a bachelor party to attend over the weekend so I was flying solo for this particular MD. I missed my main man (missed him bad), but I couldn't let it damper the MD spirit! A girl must forge ahead when need be!

I will let the pictures tell a bit of the story. 

Lacey was kind enough to captain the boat one day. She did an awesome job!

On Sunday we had a craw-fish boil. Hayden's new man is a ragin' Cajun. Well, not really ragin, but he's from Louisiana so he brought 100lbs of Craw-fish up with him. It was delicious.

Here's Hayden and Britton:

Sand Island in the background here. 

This right here is called a beer rifle. Sounds intense, huh? It is. 

Mark and Blair

Good Ole Lil Blake. Can't help but love him.

MD weekend was a major success! We have swung from rope swings, paddle boarded, jumped off super high platforms into the lake, and had impromptu dance parties on the deck.

One morning I woke up and said, "Gosh, I am so sore. What did I do to be this sore?" Ali simply responded, "Do you think it was your dance moves, the cart wheel, the back bend, or the swimming?"

I think that pretty much sums up the weekend. We raged and came out on the other side of the weekend with ridiculous moments to recap and battered bodies. We were sun burned and tired, but man was it fun!

MD, you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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Katie Beth Owens said...

SO FUN! I am so jealous - I wish I was there!

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