Monday, June 11, 2012

O.T.W. Jazzy Jazz and Wedding Fun

Whew, let's talk about how this Monday is treating me, shall we? Not only is it raining, it was my day to walk the dog in this mess, I was late to work, and after pouring my coffee and saying good morning to most of my co-workers I was informed that I had my shirt on inside out. Ridic.

Ahhh, but that's the kind of crazy that happens after a weekend like the one we just had.

Ryan was in a wedding this weekend for one of his best friends from his hometown so he took off to Birmingham (as that's where the festivities would be held) on Friday morning.

I stayed behind Friday night for our local Jazz Fest. It makes for a fun night, as people come back home for good music and fun.

John, Mark, and Champ

With Deidra and Lacey

Saturday I laid around for a bit before I had to get ready to head to Birmingham to attend the wedding! This got a little hairy because I thought the wedding was at 7:00 when in actuality it was at 6:00. I had to do some MAJOR hustling but I pulled it off and walked in to the wedding right before the grandmother's. Borderline looked like I was a part of the wedding party.

It was intense.

The wedding was in downtown Birmingham, followed by a beautiful reception at the historic Alabama Theater. 
First Dance

With Amanda and Ali-- aren't they so pretty?

Ryan looks quite dashing in a tux. Most handsome one there!

It was all so pretty. After seeing the lovely couple off we walked over to The Rooftop Bar at the Redmont Hotel. 

It was an action packed weekend spent with good friends. Any weekend with live music and dancing is perfect weekend in my opinion!!

Here's to making it to Friday (and actually being properly dressed each day)!

Special thanks to my sweet Aunt Elaine, who happens to be a Stella & Dot Consultant and decked me out in some of her pretty jewelry.  I love Stella and Dot  and have been working on building up a nice collection, but she has lots to choose from. I wore the beautiful Femme Fatale Necklace,  Petra Braided Bracelet,  and the Nouvelle Cocktail Ring. Also toted one of the Stella & Dot Clutches. I was feeling fancy and got lots of compliments!

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Lacey said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! And your comment about your monday and your shirt being inside out made me laugh out loud :) Hope you have a great week!

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