Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recipes- TO TRY or NOT TO TRY

Pintrest inspired me to try a couple of new recipes over the last couple of weeks.

One was great! One got poured out!

Let me enlighten you...

Recipe #1 was from the blog EAT YOURSELF SKINNY (I like the way that sounds by the way).

It was Sweet Broccoli Salad. I love broccoli salad and had really never made it. This ended up being super easy and made for a good meal on its own for lunch or as a side with dinner.

Verdict (obviously) is GO FORTH AND MAKE THIS! Yum.

Recipe #2 was A Lightened Up Version of Ranch Dressing.

In theory sounded like an awesome idea. In reality it made me sad. Now, I made it with the intent of having a dip for my baby carrots. Not so good there. Way too tangy for my liking.

Verdict is IT ONLY HAS THREE INGREDIENTS SO IT'S PRETTY AFFORDABLE TO MAKE. GO AHEAD, TRY IT. It might tickle your fancy, just not mine.

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