Tuesday, April 10, 2012

O.T.W. Easter at the Farm

My mom's side of the family celebrated Easter at our family farm.

It's so fun to have kids to hide Easter eggs for. We had a beautiful weekend to celebrate Easter! 

Cooper and Kylee on the HUNT!

 Heath got in on the action too.

Kylee found one! 

 Cooper too!

My beautiful grandma, Nelda holding Harley. 

We loaded up in the side-by-side to ride around the farm! Wouldn't you know we saw THE EASTER BUNNY!! He was hopping along the trail we were riding. The kids LOVED it!

My parents bought some baby chicks for the kids to play with. They went home with Cooper to live at their farm. He named them William, Brennan,  Cotton Tail, and Lily. How funny is that? William, the Chicky.

Kylee did NOT like their feet touching her. Look at that face!

Oh look!! Ryan.  

Heath loved playing on the tractor.

And I will part with this snap shot. Cooper not paying attention, Kylee being sweet and innocent, and Heath being such a little stinker! Cracks me up!

Hope everyone had a Happy, Happy Easter!

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