Wednesday, January 19, 2011

O.T.W- Sweet Georgia

Whew! What a weekend! Thirteen girls, one house built in 1820, an old historic town, and a bachelorette = A CRAZY GOOD TIME!

This was my first trip to Savannah and I have to admit I could not have loved it more. I'm already thinking about when I can return with Ryan in tow.

We got into town around 8pm on Friday and decided to have appetizers and drinks at Churchill's. The restaurant was cozy and offered a great place to hang out while the rest of the group found their way to Savannah.

Saturday we awoke to great weather and hit the town! Around lunch we decided to part take in one of the horse and carriage historic tours.

Fun fact we learned on the tour: Have you ever seen the movie  Something to Talk About, starring Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid? Remember the scene where she goes to the bar where she thinks he is and sees him with another woman so she backs her Jeep up and jumps out in her night gown? Well, that was filmed right here! This is the bar they used. Kind of cool, huh?

It was a great way to see Savannah and the tour guide was able to shed some light on the history of the town. Other than the occasional smell of horse pooh it was perfect!

After the tour we headed to Moon River Brewery for lunch. We made friends with our neighboring table which turned into a bit of madness! After making our bride-to-be take an inappropriate shot...

...we joined in on some friendly competition with our new friends.

By far one of my favorite places we visited would have to be a bar called, Rocks on the Roof Riverfront Bar. It was a super cool bar on the roof top of one of the river front hotels, hence the name.

We were there in the latter part of the afternoon and the sun was getting kind of low on the horizon... it just had a super cool vibe.

We decided to make Saturday night a 'theme night' so the rule was everyone had wear black and the bride would wear white. It was a requirement that everyone rock a wig! It was kind of like we were supposed to take on a new persona, if you will.

So we got decked out in black and tossed on our wigs for a Haunted Pub Crawl. The haunted pub crawl took us to 6 different pubs that were supposedly super haunted! Our tour guide was a guy named,  T.C. He was truly a good sport for putting up with our nonsense! I can't say that I was ever scared, but it made for some serious fun!

T.C. in his 1800's outfit. He really was a good sport. I mean, he'd have to be... I have taken over his latern and he could care less.

After the Haunted Pub Crawl we ventured over to Savannah Smiles, which is a dueling piano bar. At this point in the night the group kind of got separated, but we all had a good time and met back at house well into the night!

On Sunday we had a lunch reservation at Paul Deen's!

I have to be honest and say that this was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Let's just say I tore down!

I texted Ryan after lunch and was like "hey boo. Paula's just did me right" then I proceeded to tell him what all I ate... and he was kind of scared. Let me put it to you this way... After lunch at Puala Deen's I had to go back to the house and lay down and unbutton my pants.

After regrouping from the food coma we hit the town for a bit of shopping and hit yet another pub to make some final plans for the lingerie shower. I can be honest and say this pub was truly scary and should have been on the pub crawl!
Apparently this bar has Mrs. Stevenson's (circa 1820) crypt tucked away somewhere in the building.  Mr. Stevenson apparently killed her, tucked her away in a sealed crypt and made off to live his life. I don't know if I was believing that, but it made for a interesting conversation.
The Raven (second from bottom of list) is what was purchased for KB. Anything Edgar Allen Poe favored has to be weird.

Sunday night we all met at back at the house for the lingerie shower. At the scary bar we purchased the most scary shot for the bride-to-be. After making friends with the bartender she hooked us up with some dry ice and a super freaky cup...
The shot was both scary in appearance and taste!

I won't say what all took place to during this portion of the weekend, but I will say that our bride was super cooperative (this may have had to do with the scary shot) and it made for some good laughs!

After the dirty little shower we hit up Jazz'd Tapas bar to top of the weekend with small portions of food (read: still recovering from Paula's), live entertainment, and cocktails.

I know I have left some of the events of the weekend out... partly because the post is already super long and partly because you might not be able to handle just how random we can be.

I think we made Katie Beth's last hurrah a true success!!  It was a great weekend with great friends and good laughs.


Katie Beth said...

OMG what a good recap! That crazy drink is truly depicted in that photo of me -- what a disgusted face! haha. Great pics Jess and thanks for coming! It was a success, for sure!

Deidra said...

The pictures are great, dang that camera Santa-Ryan brought is NICE! And Katie's face after the scary shot...priceless!!

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