Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nook Worm

I have been loving, LOVING, loving my NOOK I got for Christmas!!

I have read four books since Christmas and I have four others downloaded and ready to go!

The first book I read was, The Help.

It was so good. I laughed in parts and teared up in others. I would highly recommend reading if you haven't.

The other three books I've knocked out are The Huger Games Series.

Let me tell you... I love a good series. Harry Potter, yes sir. Twilight Saga, been there, done that. The Sookie Stackhouse books, all of them under my belt. There is just something about knowing that the storyline will continue... That I will be able to follow a character I've fallen in love with on yet another adventure!

I had heard that the Hunger Game Series was good,  but I had my reservations. I didn't know if I would be into a series about a girl who gets called up from her district to fight other districts' children in some arena in a futuristic North America. It just seemed a bit out of the realm of what I tend to enjoy. But I didn't think I would ever be engrossed in wizards or vampires either. So I thought to myself... What the hell. It's only $5.99 (to download) for the first book. Why not?

Oh my goodness... I couldn't read them fast enough!! SO GOOD!!! I absolutely loved them. The characters have stayed with me. I find myself thinking about what Katniss (the main female character) would do. Throughout the book I was torn between Gale and Peeta (the male characters). It's a story of survival, sticking it to the man, finding yourself, fighting for what you believe in, and the power of love.

I found myself not wanting the story to end so I would try not to read as fast, but at the same time I HAD to know how what the outcome would be. Please take my advice and read these books!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Loved The Help! I think it's the To Kill a Mockingbird of our time.

Mrs. K said...

LOVED this post. My husband got a nook for Christmas and hasn't put it down. He loves it!

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