Thursday, January 13, 2011

Girls' Weekend

This weekend 13 girls are traveling to Savannah, Georgia for my friend Katie Beth's bachelorette party.

Katie Beth is super creative and kindly created both mine and Lacey's wedding invitation suites. They were both beautiful. I could not love what she created for me more!

Lacey and I felt the need to repay her in some way... The only thing we could come up with is that maybe we could design and print her bacelorette party invitations.

Neither Lacey nor myself have any type of design in our background. So we did the best we could. We came up with a theme first. We decided that we wanted to do a play on fairys because Katie Beth has always had a knack for being a social gathering and sort of buzzing around. She's like a little social fairy.

So with the theme decided on Lacey and I decided that the best thing to do would be to turn Katie into an actual fairy.

So we came up with this beautiful masterpiece:
I'm actually ashamed to admit it took us quite some time to get it just right. I worked really hard to get Katie's head on that fairy.

The fairy was the main part of the invite. We then typed up the details and added glitter around the fairy. It's not the caliber invitation that Katie Beth would have come up with, but I think it turned out pretty great!

So this weekend while you're cleaning house or wasting time watching Bravo I'll be in Savannah celebrating with friends! We will be dining at Paula Deen's, taking a ghost tour of the city, and hitting up the local night life! I hope to have a full report next week!

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Day Old News said...

Hope you had a fun trip!

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