Thursday, October 7, 2010


A couple of nights ago, I went to hear Tim Tebow's mom, Pam, speak at a benefit for Sav-A-Life. With my job, I know exactly how important community resources are, especially that one.

Now, let me back track. I have always had a soft spot for Tim Tebow. The only draw back happen to be that he played for the Florida Gators... ugh!  In the SEC if you don't play for Auburn, then I don't pull for you. Period.

Just as a side note... the best game I attended while in school at Auburn was the 2006 Auburn vs. Florida game. It was the kind of game where you are so stoked that before you know it you are in a full embrace with the person next you that you don't even know. You have tears in your eyes and Bourbon infused diet coke is being toasted throughout...  I cheered so hard that night I couldn't talk for days. Here's a refresher....

* the video is a florida reference; not a tebow reference

But back to the story. I've always thought it was great that Tim Tebow made a point to keep God first and to promote that philosophy without abandon. That's a big deal these days. So when I heard his mom would be sharing their story I knew it would be worth hearing.

You may remember this super bowl ad from last year...

After hearing her speak and explain what the doctor told her, I sat there wondering if I would have had enough faith to do the same thing.

She got pregnant in a third world country, her body then became contaminated with an amoeba, and she was fighting a mean case of dysentery. [my words, not hers-- but I would think dysentery would be hella mean]Her body was fighting off the all things foreign and in doing so it kept trying to terminate the pregnancy. The doctor she was seeing referred to the baby as a "mass of fetal tissue" and told her to abort or it could potentially kill her. She put her faith in God and decided if it would kill her then so be it... it was God's plan. She went on to successfully give birth and it was a wonder that the baby lived.

One of the statistics she gave is that at least 12 would be Heisman trophy winners are aborted each year. She is glad her Heisman trophy winner was not one of the statistics.

Now, I'm not one to express my political beliefs or use my blog as a platform to get on any soap box. Just not my style. To each his own, man. But I will say that my love for Tim Tebow grew a little last night.

I will, however, use my blog to express my football opinions... and it's important to note that now that Timmy (as his mother refers to him) is no longer in the SEC I can outright pull for the team he's playing on. 

I have been trying to find a reason to back an NFL team for as long as I've dated/been married to Ryan since I have to watch a good bit of NFL. So I decided I would pull for whatever team drafted young Tim... So, much to Ryan's dismay, I have officially been a Bronco's fan for the last few months. Hearing his mom share their story and offer a bit of insight into what kind of person he is... reaffirmed my decision.

So here's to Pam for staying strong in her faith, trusting the good Lord and bringing Timmy into this world!

*seriously, if you have the chance to hear her story... it's well worth it.


Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Quite impressed with your Paint writing skills my friend.

aLiSoN said...

She spoke at a Sav A Life event I went to this past Spring. So good. I wanted to ask her if he was dating anyone....

d.a.r. said...

I looovvee Tebow!

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