Tuesday, October 19, 2010

O.T.W.- AU Football

Over the past weekend....

Friday night I celebrated the birthdays of Deidra's mom, Mrs. Paula and her sister, Ashton. It was lots of fun because my parents, and my aunt were all there to celebrate too! It include cocktails and lots of laughter... winning combination in my opinion!

Saturday Deidra and I ventured to Auburn for the Auburn vs. Arkansas game. Ryan chose to stay behind and watch the game on TV because it's just too stressful (read: he doesn't want to hear me saying "let's get a hot dog" and whatnot). 

Before the game we did the whole tailgate thing with my best good friends, Katie Beth and Lacey.

 Lacey, me, Katie Beth, and Deidra-- Just couldn't love these girls more.

 The Eagle came by to say hello... Doesn't he look like a total bad ass?

War Cam Newton  Eagle

Deidra posing to show off how great our seats were. Thanks Mrs. Linda!
Deidra and I celebrating the win!!  

The game was amazing and the whole weekend was a lot of fun!   

War Eagle!!

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Kristen said...

I think you must have been sitting right below us! Hate we missed y'all!

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