Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

That title doesn't even make sense because it's not hallow's eve... but it sounds cool and scary.

I'm scared right now typing this. It's Halloween weekend. People will be dressed up, kids will be ringing doorbells requesting treats over tricks, and parents will be double checking the candy before the kids can dive in!

I watched the History of Halloween on the Discovery Channel this week. I was scared. Witches got a bad rap back in the day. Turns out if you were a woman living alone (or with another woman i.e. sister or friend)and maybe a bit eccentric... you were probably a witch. If that's the case then I probably have some friends that are witches. So. Scary.

I have a fear of some mean person (or teenager) coming by our house in the middle of the night and busting our pumpkin. That would be so scary and sad.

Ryan and I aren't dressing up this year. I know, super sad. It's like Halloween caught up with us much too quickly. We weren't ready for it. However, I've already decided that this kid's (aka my little cousin, Cooper) costume takes the cake:

Are you kidding me? A dragon. I. Freaking. Love. It. Too funny and potentially scary because dragons can do work... We are talking fire out of the mouth kind of stuff.

Well, I'm going to be super scared all weekend long. I hope no one is attacked by a zombie, or haunted by a ghost, or hocused pocused by a witch. Shit could get real on this scary Halloween weekend. Be weary of soups served from a cauldron or any black cat that might come around.... You just never know!!!! *crazy witch laugh*

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