Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rhode Island & Cape Cod Part 1

Last Thursday my friend, Katie Beth, and I embarked on an adventure that landed us in Providence, Rhode Island. We even found the time to venture to Cape Cod for a night as well (but cape cod will be discussed in part 2).

The view of Newport, RI as we were flying in:

Look at all the sail boats... so pretty.

Libby is from Alabama but has moved north in order to be closer to her fiance, Lee. They were kind enough to host Katie Beth and myself for the weekend.

Libby & Lee's humble abode:

They live on the second level.

The trip was fast paced, as we packed in as much in as possible. I would have to say I enjoyed the food the most. Every single thing we ate was delicious. Every restaurant unique. Providence has two major culinary schools and many of the students stay in Providence and open restaurants after they have graduated from their culinary school of choice.

The first night we were there we ate at a little place called, Red Stripe. I enjoyed a gourmet grilled cheese- hard to explain but the restaurant is known for them- and the best tomato soup I've ever tasted.

On Friday we were up early ready to embrace the day (Katie would probably say we were up early because I'm an early riser- but I can't help it... I can't sleep late in unfamiliar places...)

We spent Friday venturing around Providence. We checked out a couple of the universities, hit up the coolest shops in town, and basically did the touristy stuff and sight seeing.

Brown University:

Just a few of the many shops we hit up...

The streets were lined with the cutest houses... It made for great scenery as we strolled along...

We also got to see the oldest Baptist Church in the United States. I would probably go to church there if I lived in Providence... so much history, man.

My favorite meal while on our trip was at a little restaurant called, Local 121. Supposedly, this restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients from local bakeries and markets within Providence. I had the scallops- and they were to die for.

We also had a few cocktails while out to lunch (which is always fun). I enjoyed the 121 Lemonade (it was really tart) and Katie Beth and Libby sipped on a "Unicorn"- so named because the ingredients were top secret.

After our late lunch at Local 121, shopping and sight seeing- Katie Beth, Libby and I made our way back to Libby's house to get ready for the next portion of our adventure. Stay tuned because part 2 should be really interesting...

Here's a sneak peak:

I'll just say that's Chi Chi's hand....

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Lacey said...

Love it! You've left me hanging like a True Blood episode!

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