Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rhode Island & Cape Cod Part 2

After getting ready we hit the road. Bound for Provincetown, Cape Cod (or better known, to the locals, as "P-town"). Libby's fiance, Lee, and his pal, Kev, joined us for this portion of the adventure.

We had roughly a two and a half hour drive to the very northern most tip of 'the cape'- which ironically, one would state that we ventured "down cape." Who knows why... something about the island of Cape Cod resembling an arm... and if the arm was fully extended Provincetown would be at the bottom of the arm... and northerners say we, southerners, have crazy ways!

We arrived in Provincetown around dusk. The sun had just set but I could tell that it was a very pretty town. Very New England, even. We checked in to our little hotel, which was right on the water and hit the town.

Now, I must explain. Provincetown is very similar to Key West, Florida in that they are both located at the very tip of a state and they both have a large number of homosexuals. (Can I say that? Please take no offense anyone... I'm just stating the facts here)

We began our night with dinner at Pepe's Wharf. A great little seafood place right on the water. Again, dinner was great. We feasted on Spinach and Artichoke Dip topped with fresh crab, Calamari, and Cajun Inspired Grilled Shrimp- it was delicious.

Dinner was great... but there was an entire town out there calling our names!! So we answered... in a big way.

I must admit for the sake of our fashion sense... that we didn't plan for the weather to be as cool as it was. We all had on cute summer dresses and were FREEZING... so we purchased sweatshirts to wear over our dresses. Don't be scared...

The town was really neat. Shops, art galleries, restaurants, and bars lined the main street. People were walking hand-in-hand enjoying the night. We decided to check out a few of the bars.. you know, just to dance, listen to some music, and enjoy our vacation!

The first place we checked out was the Black and White Bar. It wasn't too packed but fun all the same. We made friends with the bartender. He was loving us!! His name was Bobby. I'll have to check my phone because I saved his last name so that I could add him as a friend on facebook. That's how much Bobby loved us. (sometimes I think it's the accent that wins people over- they just assume we must be sweet and innocent) I have a picture of Bobby- but for the life of me I can't get the thing to upload... something must be wrong with it.

Bobby created this little fruity cocktail for us... I won't even begin to tell you what he called it... I'm too much of a lady for such as that.

After hanging out with Bobby for quite some time- he pointed us in the direction of our next stop- The Monkey Bar! This was a small, quaint Martini Bar (with only black lights) and the bartender here did not love us. It may have had something to do with us randomly singing the song "Redneck Woman." I have no idea why (because I despise that song) but we did.

(that's libby's fiance in the red head band)

We were too much for the crowd at The Monkey Bar so we decided to venture onward...

But where should we go? We weren't sure- so we asked an innocent bystander- Where's the party at? To which he simply replied, The A House- its a great dance club.

So off we went. Excited to dance the night away!

Upon arrival at the "A House" this is first bar you see:

and this is the crowd:

I will let you draw you own conclusion at this point....

One man came up to us and made the comment that we must be first timers... and we were. I guess we looked a bit out of place.

A few minutes after we arrived a contest began. This is who won:

No... not me! The one in all white. The one and only, Misssss CHI CHI!!! And yes, she is that tall. I'm not leaning down. She is probably seven feet tall.

I'll let you figure out what kind of contest it was...

We embraced the dance club and even made a few friends.

After dancing the night away... we headed over to a popular pizza joint for a late night snack. This is where we really got to know Chi Chi better- she is actually a school teacher when she's a he. She just comes out to 'P-town' for weekend getaways- in case you were wondering!

After pizza we headed back to the hotel for the night. It was an eventful evening, to say the least.

The next day was supposed to be a day to explore the town. I had really dwelled on taking pictures out at the lighthouse and even packed a "nautical themed" outfit for the photo shoot.

However, the weather didn't cooperate. It poured all day long. So we just had breakfast in P-town and headed back to Rhode Island.

Our trip was so much fun. I couldn't possibly cover it all in a couple of blog posts. We ate big, laughed til we cried, danced our butts off, and made it home all in one piece.

Thank you Libby and Lee for being such gracious hostess. I wish we could have made it to out to a lighthouse or even taken Bobby's advice and hit the Britney show in Boston- but hey, there's always next time.

Until then... we'll have the memories of Chi Chi and techno music.


Lacey said...

I am very sad I didn't get to meet Miss Chi Chi!

Katie Beth said...

Jessica, I love how your head is resting peacefully against Chi Chi's buzzoms (spelling?). I just laughed out loud at all these pictures AGAIN! I don't think we will ever be able to talk about this trip without laughing so hard we cry.

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