Friday, September 25, 2009


This is what Fall means to me...

I get to watch football... and when I say watch football, I mean a LOT of football. Ryan is borderline obsessed. We watch all the college games. SEC, Big 10, whatever... Ryan doesn't care... he will watch it (and when I say he, I mean WE).

So that's been our weekends this month. Either head to Auburn to tailgate while watching football or we've been at home watching football. Sound exciting? I know, I know...

So far this season:

-I have decided that I really like Auburn's wide receiver coach, Trooper Taylor. He gets really fired up and I like that.
-I also really enjoy watching College Game Day... I like to see who they pick.
-I love that football season means seeing lots of friends down on The Plains.
-This season I've also decided I LOVE betting on games. I think I could have a little gambling streak in me. It makes the games so much more interesting. I mean, I don't bet millions of dollars... and I couldn't even tell you what it means "to cover the spread" but I can tell you I love to toss in ten bucks on a monkey board and hope for the best!! It just makes it fun!

At the end of the day Football Season really is a lot of fun. I love Auburn with my whole heart. I love the school, I love the football team, I love Aubie, I cried when they retired the last eagle and he made his final flight around the stadium. It's moment I'll have forever- as that Eagle soared above the crowd and we cheered Waaaaarrrrrr Eaaaaggggllllleeeeee... I glanced over at Deidra and we both had tears in our eyes. It was the Auburn v. Georgia weekend and I don't think the tears had anything to do with the Bourbon. I think it was just the love that I have in my heart for all things Auburn.

So who cares if I watch more football than one girl should have to endure because Fall means football season, and football season means it's time for some Auburn Football and that... that right there.... makes me happy!


Lacey said...

I love AU too!

Christina Thompson said...

It's perfectly okay for a girl to watch football! I do and I love it! Ryan will appreciate the fact that you do love football season so much and will love you even more for it. You go girl!

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