Friday, May 8, 2009

So it's Firday...

I haven't been very good with staying on top of my posts lately. I'm sorry. Now that we've got that behind us I feel better. I will work on it.

I guess by now it's apparent that I didn't win the "Derby Pot" I entered. I know-SAD, huh? One of my horses came in second place... are you believing that? Second place. I would have rather both my horses finish dead last than to tease me so. I just knew Pioneer of the Nile had it in the bag.... and then "Mine that Bird" decided to come from behind- and out of nowhere WIN! It's okay though... I will end up buying a new pair of shades regardless. Plus- I'd just be lying to stay I didn't love seeing an underdog win the race. Can you believe that horse only cost $9,500? I know... such a great story!!

I've been meaning to post some pictures from a wedding that Ryan and I went to a couple of weekends ago, but like I said before... I haven't been on top of the blog like I should be. Again, my bad. The wedding was really pretty and Ryan and I had a great time. Here are a few pics:

Ryan and I, about to enjoy dinner.

Several of the guys + Mr. Randy about to see the couple off.

My best good friend, Bess. I just love her.

A little late night impromptu dancing.

And one more pic of Ryan and me. We had been dancing the night away.

Finally- This weekend is Mother's Day. YAY- for all you moms out there. I had someone tell me happy mother's day earlier and I was all "honey I ain't no mama. I ain't even married yet..." You may have had to have been there, or know where I work to have thought it was funny. I have a really great mama. (that's right, I said "mama" because that's what I call her. Not mother or mom- she's my mama) You may know her as Wanda (I call her that sometimes- jokingly) and she is one of the sweetest people you will ever know. Some people tell me that I act a lot like her... and I always respond to that comment with a "thank you." Because if I act anything like her then I am pretty exceptional. So thank you for being the best mama in the world- I love you.

And this is your present- Me telling the world of your greatness! Enjoy it. Relish in it. You are now famous! Just kidding- we have you a little something more! (but you are a little famous now... I have readers in Canada, you know.)

In honor of Mother's Day, this weekend my family is getting together for a good ole fashion fish fry. Yum. I can't wait. I will post pics next week.

Oh- one more big thing is going on this weekend. A couple of friends are coming to town. I think we may go out on the lake tomorrow. I love, love, love my friends and I love the lake. I can't wait. I will post pictures of this next week as well.

Have a great weekend- and show some love for your mama!!

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Lacey said...

I love Wanda!

Great pics my little friend!

Can't wait to get HOME!!

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