Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back From THE BEACH!

I got back Sunday from a little much needed vacay. I took a few days off last week and took it on down to the beach. Ryan and I met Deidra and Shaun in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, AL for a great weekend away.

Ryan and I left early on Thursday morning. We had a few errands to run prior to heading out of town that put us a bit behind- like Ryan had to vacuum out my car, I forgot our concert tickets at my office, and we still had to hit the bank up for a little cash flow. So needless to say, we didn't leave before the sun came up, but 9:00 is early to me when I'm on vacation.

Once we had all of our errands taken care of we were headed south!! We were super pumped. I love the beach and everything it entails. On the way down I decided not to get Garmin (the GPS) going because, quite frankly, I knew I had to take Exit 37 and on top of that I have been to Gulf Shores enough times in my life to have it down pat. (or so I thought) So off we went. Ryan and I were casually talking about everything under the sun. We must have really been into our conversation because we started crossing a bridge that I didn't recognize and I was all, "What is this bridge? Do we always cross this bridge?" To that Ryan responded, "I have no idea. I don't think so. We're crossing some river and now a lake and I don't think this is right...."

Well we kept driving until the next exit which was like Exit 22.... We had gone a bit too far- we were headed straight for Mobile! Not a part of the plan, but we went with it. I decided that we should, at that time, get Garmin going. Long story short we ended up this passing this:

And we thought HOW FUN? Then we were in this tunnel:

And when we emerged from the underground... would you believe what we saw?

The USS ALABAMA. If you were in my Camp Fire group as a young child- you get it. I was so excited! I think Ryan was excited too.

After all that excitement we finally made it to the Tanger Outlet Malls in Foley.... Where we shopped til we dropped!! Not really... but Ryan bought several things in Polo and I picked up few things in various places. By 3:00 we were finally at the Condo. YAY!!

The main reason we went to the beach this particular weekend was for a concert. Sugarland was playing at The Wharf and I just HAD to go. Deidra was on board immediately and the boys didn't care either way... they just heard "beach trip" and were along for the ride.

The concert was Friday night. It was so GOOD. I've loved Sugarland for sometime now, and the concert completely reaffirmed my love. We danced and sang. We blew bubbles during one song and had glow sticks for another. She (as in lead singer, Jennifer Nettles) did all of their hits and even covered a few songs. I loved every minute of it. Here are some pictures from the concert:

When Sugarland came back out for the Encore... Jennifer had this wig on....

BECAUSE HER ENCORE SONG WAS LOVE SHACK! I was eating it up! It doesn't take much too pump me up... and I was loving this.

After the concert Ryan and I headed over to the infamous FLORABAMA. So much fun. Here's late night "self shot" of the two of us...

(not so good of me... but good of Ryan)

We spent our days at the beach and our nights enjoying great seafood and night life. We even had time to hit up a little putt-putt golf. Here are a few random pictures from the trip:

The night we went to Tacky Jack's for dinner, drinks and music.

A little beach fun...

The boys jumping the waves. Very entertaining to watch. Then you have Dee and Shaun enjoying the ocean, and one of me and Ryan on the beach. Ryan had to rock his white-tee the second day on the beach because he was soooo sun burned. Bless his heart.

Last but not least... Putt-Putt action shots. The course was "pirate themed" by the way.

I know for sure when the time came to leave Ryan and I were not ready to come home yet. We love a good trip to the beach- but then again who doesn't? Hopefully, and I quote ryan here... "We WILL be going back to the beach at least four more times this summer."

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Lacey said...

OH I wish I had been there! And I was tickled at the USS Alabama...there are sometimes scary old men on there!

You and Ryan look hot!

Is it just me, or was that pirate putting his hook down your pants?

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