Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NYE Rager 2013

(obviously this is way late... like I said I haven't been able to upload pictures to blogger until today)

We brought in 2013 in style! We  tossed on our best sparkly attire and toasted to a new year! I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

My New Year's Resolutions are as follow:
  1. Learn all the words to a song so that I can sing a solo version of a new karaoke song.
  2. Run at least three 'races' this year- probably 5Ks.
  3. Grow in my spiritual journey. Complete several devotional books to help with this goal. I'm starting with this book -- on Day 10 and so far I'm loving it.
  4. Save, SAVE, SAVE!!! I want my own home (with multiple bathrooms, and counter space, and closet space, etc.) more than anything and saving, saving, saving, can ensure that we make this happen.
  5. Keep working toward finding a new job that I love!
  6. Take a photography class! (I start this one tomorrow at Auburn University!!) I'm so excited to really learn and understand how to use my "big girl camera"
  7. Take a trip with Ryan to somewhere we've never been! 
Here's to making things happen in 2013!

1 comment:

Katie Beth Owens said...

LOVE the pictures! So sad I missed out on all the fun and excitement! Keep me posted on your resolutions! I need to sit down and write some for myself ...

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