Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Fun for the Holidays

This week I have been hard core into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year... and family time only makes it even better! 

Tuesday night I went over to my grandmother's house to help my two cousin's, Kylee and Heath, create the most spectacular gingerbread house ever seen.

Look how perfect it turned out. Great attention to detail.

They were super proud of our little creation. We had to text pictures of it to their Gigi, Ryan and

Jump ahead a couple of days....

I wanted to show off my Christmas tree to my family so last night I invited my parents, grandparents and cousins (ten folks total) over for what I called the Holiday Christmas Tree Viewing & Dinner Party on McClellan Street.


Photo bomb by Maggie
We sipped wine and snacked on apps while also singing a few holiday songs (at Kylee's request).

Heath LOVED the appetizer portion. He snacked away on the Bacon cheddar dip I made.

Myself, my grandma, and my mom. Maggie is attempting to escape. Ha.
Maggie was bothered for roughly 10 minutes because I made her put on her Christmas sweater for our Holiday Party. 

After our rendition of Rodolph the Red Nose Reindeer it was time for dinner.

I provided dinner and my home, my grandmother brought homemade biscuits, and my mom brought dessert!

I love my family and any time we spend together is just perfect in my opinion! The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if all of our family lived in town and could have joined in on the fun.

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