Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympics 2012

Who is loving the Olympics? Because I AM!!

God Bless America, I tell you. I get so fired up and I'm like Yes America you are awesome!

Between Missy Franklin qualifying in one swim and cooling down in the dive pool (which is, according to the commentators, unheard of) and then winning freaking gold ten minutes later and the USA Girls' Gymnastics kicking butt last night against a very sad Russia- I don't even know what to think.

I do know this much-- all these hot bods all up on the TV screen each night make me a little more motivated in the gym. I've been dabbling in the Kross Fit, which is a post unto it self.

If you want to read a juicy article about all the sex that apparently happens in Olympic Village CLICK HERE. According to the article over 100,000 condoms are issued in Olympic Village. The article is a little long but worth the read in terms of crazy.

Ryan's favorite sport is Men's Gymnastics.

Just kidding. I've been joking with him all week that it's his favorite so I had to share.

In the meantime here's the video of the US Swimmers singing Call Me Maybe

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Katie Beth Owens said...

I just found out about the Olympic Village and I have been astonished ever since ... so crazy to me! That article was insane!

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