Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Running Late (pre usual)

I'm always running late. I rush and rush until life's no fun. Not really. Life is fun. I just wanted to insert some Alabama lyrics into the mix.

In all honesty I do tend to run late. Now, I'm not like some of my friends who are way late (often), I'm tend to be about ten minutes behind schedule.

A lot of this probably has to do with being unorganized, but alas my total type B personality cannot seem to care about getting and staying organized.

This doesn't usually cause any real troubles. For the most part it simply equates to Ryan complaining about how we're never on time... always in a hurry. But even then once we arrive at our destination he moves on from it.

Well, this weekend I messed myself up big time with my rushing and running late nonsense.

As I was getting ready to head to the family reunion I realized I needed to put a fresh coat of polish on my toes. No big deal. I grabbed a pink color and painted my toes. I then moved on to drying my hair. Somewhere in the midst of painting my toes and drying my hair I messed up my right big toe. Once again, not that big of a deal, except at this point I was running low on time and moving quickly. In a haste I removed polish from said big toe and proceeded to get the polish to repaint. Somewhere between point A (getting polish) and B (applying polish) I got side tracked.

Roughly thirty minutes into the Family Reunion I looked down only to notice this nonsense:


That big toe went unpainted for two days because I just could NOT remember to work it out and paint the thing. And when I did think about it... I was already ten minutes late for something.

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aLiSoN said...

haha, this is awesome. My friends in college would lie about what time we needed to be somewhere by 30 min, so I would be ready on time! It's a curse though, no matter if I bust it trying to be early or on time, I will run into traffic or something will happen along the way to cause me to be late....never fails.

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