Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekend After the 4th Fun

The weekend after the 4th of July (which was this past weekend), Ryan and I made plans to head to Wedowee, AL to celebrate with his family as well as my dad's side of the family.

My aunt and uncle recently bought a home on Lake Wedowee and Ryan's parent's happen to live on Lake Wedowee too! It was the perfect weekend to spend time on the lake with family and celebrate the 4th of July a little more.
Clockwise from top left: Leslie, Mom, Celinda just floating, Aunt Celia and Mom, Ryan and Me, Brad and Miss, Missy and Jeff

Saturday was filled with BBQing, swimming, and enjoying the lake! My Aunt Celia and Uncle Tommie's lake home has a great view!

L-R: Cousin Photo, Matt and Justin and scenic shot

Sunday, Ryan and I enjoyed lunch with his parents before heading home!

We made a quick pit stop by Ryan's family's land on our way home. It's so pretty. I can just picture Benny and Lu in house right here (preferably with a pool!) one day.

It was a great weekend. So much fun catching up with family.

An action packed weekend always makes for one tired pup!

Whew! Hopefully I've got everyone caught up on what's been going on here!

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