Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where in the World...

... is Carmen San Diego? Or better yet Where in the world have I been?

Work is a lot. I'm up against some hard deadlines and that tends to bring the blog down. After a long hard day of staring at the computer I don't want to touch a computer when I get home. Sads for yall (and me).

However, in spite of serious work obligations I have not let my social life fall by the wayside. That would be just crazy.

Here's a life update for those three people out there who are missing the blog updates:

I recently attended a Relay For Life Wine Tasting sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.
Lacey was on the social scene making notes for her social column, In the Loop. Needless to say, I was "spotted."

Lacey recently made a big move back to the small town. (or is in the process of). I haven't taken the proper time to say just how excited Ryan and I are to have Lacey and John as potential candidates for our would-be supper club.

I finally got my planters filled with beautiful flowers. I just love how wild and free they look!

One of the flowers if called Verbena, which for those of us who tune in to Vampire Diaries know that it's a must to have on hand. Just sayin'

Last weekend, Ryan and I attended his cousin's wedding which was lovely. We danced and had a few cocktails. It was a fun night with his family!

I've made time for my sweet parents too! I try to spread the love. Last Sunday evening Dad grilled burgers while mom and I enjoyed a little vino as we got ready to start yet another week. It was right up my alley.

Also, in the time that I've been away Ryan went ahead and graduated from Auburn University! War Eagle Baby! Only THE best university ever.

I have lots of pics from the day. But these are what I have on my phone.

I could not get over just how big Cam's statue was. I mean, literally his leg was the size of me. I LOVE IT!

Oh look there's Ryan right there where the orange arrow is pointing:

So basically, I've been planting, partying, and celebrating. All of which happen to be quite fun! Let's hope I can get back on track with postings.

Happy Hump Day Folks!

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Lacey said...

AND I'm behind on my reading! Pumped to be in your supper club any day baaayybe!! whoop whoop! #intheloop all da time

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