Monday, May 21, 2012

OTW- Magical Curls

Over the weekend...

....I celebrated with friends!

Friday I took the day off of work and loaded the car down for a weekend of fun with the girls!

My journey started out by heading north to Birmingham to attend Deidra's graduation from Pharmacy School.

Dr. Deidra Baird will be medicating folks in the Central Alabama region very soon. What an accomplishment!

After the graduation ceremony we had lunch with her family and hit the road heading south.

We were bound for Seaside, Florida to celebrate our with sweet friend, Hadley! It was her bachelorette weekend.

It was an action packed. As soon as we arrived Friday afternoon we changed clothes, freshened up a bit and hit the town. We had dinner at  V followed by drinks and fun at Bud and Alley's.

Greyhounds all around!

Bless this little rickshaw driver's heart. We forced him to cruise us around and then man handled him.

Saturday morning came early. We each took a moment to rank how we were feeling in the form of a letter grade. Let's just most of us work up feeling rough, ranking closer to D's and F's. It was tough.

But we pulled it together and hit the beach for a full day of sun and sand. By the day's end we were all at an A+!

We literally spent the ENTIRE day on the beach. From about 10:30 am until after 7 pm. It was awesome.

Bride to be!

As is the norm for a bachelorette party not all details can be exposed on such a public forum, but just know we had a good ole naughty time!

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