Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Weekend in a Nutshell:

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night consisted of sushi and cocktails (this is the way to my heart) in Auburn followed up by a visit to one of our old college haunts, Sky Bar.

Saturday morning Ryan and I went to the Auburn v. Ole Miss game. It was a great game. Auburn won (whoo hooo), but I had few issues. First, I told Ryan not to worry about getting any cash at the ATM because I was prepared, however,  when we got in the stadium and ordered our hot dogs and drinks it turned out my cash had fallen out of my pocket. So I had to tell the guy working the concession stands that we couldn't afford our hot dogs or drinks... It made me really sad. But then I remembered that one of my coworkers had given me $40 to pick her up something from the jewelry store and I had tucked it away in the side pocket of my purse... So I was able to use the cash, which was a life saver because Ryan and I hadn't eaten anything all day.

After all the issues at the concession stands we finally made it to our seats. I sat my drink down to wipe off the seat and a rude man knocked my drink over and didn't even apologize!  To top it off I got mustard on my jacket and jeans, but the stadium hot dog was worth all the nonsense.

Also note, Ryan and I made it on the JumboTron (big screen) during the second quarter. I had been joking about it during the first half and when I saw the camera coming our way... I quickly fluffed my hair and insisted that Ryan wave with me. I may or may not have knocked small children out of the way... for a moment on the big screen...(ha)

After the game several of us were sitting around watching football and began talking about Halloween, as it was October 31. One thing lead to another and we ended up at Harper Hill Church; "one of the most haunted places in the state of Alabama" according whoever makes that type decision...

picture from website...

As we ventured to the haunted church we told scary stories. By the time we arrived at the church I was too scared to get out of the car (I'm a sissy). I attempted to snap a picture, but it didn't turn out. I can only assume that a ghost didn't want his or her picture taken.

Sunday I wrapped up the weekend at my cousin's second birthday party.

Kylee, the birthday girl and sweet Cooper lending a helping hand. Please note Kylee's boots- this was our gift to her... I think she really liked them!

Oh- and just to let you know... Ryan and I made our first big purchase 'together' as we bought a 42 inch flat screen TV. Let me just say, it has really enhanced our television viewing. My only fear is that it will take Ryan's obsession with football to entirely different level (and not one that I would like).

Overall, I would venture to say that we had a great weekend! Hope you did too!


Christina Thompson said...

What? You two didn't dress up?
LOL! I just have to ask, do you take your camera everywhere???

Jessica said...

Christina- No, we didn't dress up this year. It's sad but true.

And Yes... I take my camera everywhere. It's in my purse because I never know when something might be blog-worthy!

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