Friday, November 20, 2009

New to the Farm

We have a new member at our Family Farm. We have two donkeys that live at our farm. We originally purchased the male donkey, known as Eddie Murphy, to protect the cattle from coyotes and whatnot. However, he was lonely so we answered in a big way and gave him a companion, if you will. We purchased a little lady donkey we like to refer to as, Mel B. (at least that what I call her).

Side note: for those of you unsure about the names, let me explain... Eddie Murphy was the voice of "Donkey" in the movie, Shrek. In real life Mel B., former member of The Spice Girls is Eddie Murphy's baby's mama... It's the only thing that made sense to me.

Well, the two jackasses got together and created this little guy (or girl- I'm not sure of the sex of the new donkey):

We are positive that Eddie Murphy is indeed the baby daddy in this situation, as Eddie and Mel. B. were pretty candid in their love and affection for one another.


Lacey said...

I am in love! Can we go see it when I'm home next week??!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

first of we live in different worlds.

2nd cutest thing of my life and i want to squeeeeeeeeeze it!!

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