Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's With Harley

In order for me to have a blog that sufficiently embodies all of who I am... it has to include one Mr. Harley Toland. He is my 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier aka Yorkie. I know that people often claim that they love their dog whole-heartedly, but we do love him with our entire hearts and the thing is... he loves us back- unconditionally.

A little background info on Harley:

His birthday is November 1, 2003. He is a Scorpio. He is the full-brother to the late Mr. Beasley Brown. He loves Cookies, Ice, Treats, and Chips. Harley's favorite pastimes include: playing fetch down the hallway, tearing up his cow, or curling up with anyone that is taking it easy. If you have ever met Harley you are well aware of his sweet manner. When he begs for food... it's not aggravating... it's really sweet. He doesn't whine or carry on, he simply sits up like a MeerCat and waits patiently until you either decide to share or happen to drop a small bit of food. Either way he is very appreciative.

Harley sleeps with me each night. This may sound crazy but he always gives me a goodnight kiss. When I go to bed he comes in my room hops in the bed with me... and before he will even think of getting comfy he gives me kisses, as if to say, "Thanks for sharing your bed with me. Love you. Goodnight." He does this every single night... and if he sleeps with someone else... he thanks them as well.

One of Harley's favorite places to visit is our farm (which will be featured in a later entry). When we are at the farm he does NOT have to wear a leash and I think he really loves it. You see, when we are in town he can't just go outside, we have to walk him with a leash. So at the farm he gets to cuts loose. He runs fast, jumps high, and loves life. Another place that Harley considers a favorite is my grandmother's house. She is the reason he knows the word "cookie." He eats at least five cookies while in the presence of my grandmother. It's funny really... if she ever comes to visit our house he is constantly looking at her like... "uhh, yeah, so why didn't you bring those cookies with you?"

Being that Harley is a Yorkie he is not much into water as, let say, a lab or golden retriever would be... but that doesn't slow him down on a hot summer day. He thoroughly enjoys lounging on a float in the pool for as long as you will let him.

People say that one's dog is a reflection of its owner, and if that statement is true then I must be pretty dang great!!

I love Harley and every (most of them anyway) Tuesday will be "Tuesdays with Harley."

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Lacey said...

I am a huge fan of Harley myself! I will greatly look forward to "Tuesdays with Harley!"

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