Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beach Trips in the Winter

I love the beach and everything about it. I love souvenir shops, seafood, the night life, the relaxation that comes from hearing the waves roll in. I love it all. Ryan & Myself and Deidra & Shaun recently took a trip to the beach during the winter to celebrate New Year's Eve weekend, where we met up with Richard, Kyle, DJ, and Jackson- and I must say that we collectively enjoyed the difference in which we experienced. In the summer time you have the hustle and bustle of families on summer vacation, and at this time of year it was much more laid back.

For New Year's Eve we went to The Wharf for their new year's bash. It was really neat, but the venue was set up outside and it was FREEZING. Luckily we found refuge in a one of the bars called The Big Easy. Deidra and I made a terrible mistake when we decided to wear dresses. Oh my- our legs froze to death and on top of that we forgot our pea coats- I blamed this little tidbit on Ryan and he got a spanking for it. You see, he hung my pea coat up in his closet and that's where it stayed. After I spanked him he politely returned the favor by giving me a 'firm talking to' about being more organized and responsible. Anyway, back to the events of NYE... at midnight we got to see a beautiful fire works display and around 2 we took it on back to the hotel. Overall NYE was fun, but little did we know the real fun would be found on New Year's Day

The next morning we got up and began getting ready for the day, which held no real plans. The only thing that we HAD to do was walk on the beach (this was mine and deidra's request). So we showered/dressed and headed out. The first stop was the notorious Pink Pony Pub"( ) . We decided to head their first. Each year my dad, Ryan's dad, back-in-the-day Deidra's dad, and all their buddies go to the beach for a golf tournament and at some point in each trip they enjoy a few drinks at The Pink Pony... and for the longest time all of us kids thought that the pink pony was a strip club. However, we have since learned that it's just a little pub that has been around for many years and weathered several hurricanes. At the Pink Pony the group enjoyed Bloody Mary's and Seafood while taking in a great view of the ocean.

After taking the edge off and feeding our appetites for seafood- Deidra and I headed on to the beach. None of the boys wanted to come with us, however, I am pretty certain once they saw our awesome pictures they immediately regretted that decision.

The next stop of the day was "The Hangout" ( The Hangout has just been built in Gulf Shores, AL within the last year. So we HAD to check it out and we LOVED it. We all had so much fun. It has the best set up for a restaurant/bar- ever. The inside is is really open with a "big ass fan" and all the walls around you are garage doors that can be opened during the warmer months. Outside you have the beach in the front and in the back you have different areas for bands to set up and play. The particular day that we hung out at the hangout- they didn't have a band scheduled. We were all pretty bummed about it- but decide it was a new year and we would not be held back!! So Shaun decided to approach our waitress, Brittany-Reshanda(double name), about Richard, DJ and Kyle playing for them. At first Brittany didn't believe that they were musicians, but oh did they prove her wrong. Brittany told her manager and one thing lead to another and 590 Shoreline played about an hour set. Every one at the Hangout loved them and they were even invited back to play during spring break. We stayed at the hangout for literally 6 hours- we made friends with the staff, danced, and and made merry. We loved it. When we left we had a small parade through the parking lot to the car. So FUN!!

Did we head to the hotel at this point? NO. We decided to take our friend Brittany-Reshanda's advice and head to Mud Bug's. Mud Bug's is a local hang out and we fully embraced it. It could be compared to a more upscale Col. Tom's, for those of you who are familiar. Mud Bug's is a karaoke bar. However, it's not just karaoke bar, when you karaoke here you get to sing along with a one-man-band. Deidra and I sang Reba McEntire's Fancy (with our friend Brittany-Reshanda, who met us at MudBugs), all the boys sang The Eagle's Seven Bridges Road and at some point the karaoke turned to RAP music and we got low... and kyle humped a pole. That's when we knew it was time to call it a night!

I brought in the New Year with some of my favorite people, in one of my favorite places. I think that overall everyone had a great time. We laughed constantly and experienced new places that we will visit again. My only regret was Waffle House after Mud Bugs- but what do ya gonna do? Right?

I highly suggest a beach trip in the winter!

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