Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday... ALL DAY LONG!!

I hate Fridays! They are too laid back, I have to wear jeans, and on top of that I leave work at 1:00 every Friday. Basically Friday's are awful. Eww. So in order to help perk up a day that is already pretty drab... I am going to share a couple of jokes with everyone. Now these aren't going to win any awards anywhere, but someday when you are put on the spot you can always fall back on these two... and I have some good experiences with them. So, here we go...

Joke #1:
Why did the chicken wear underwear on his head?
(pause for anticipation)
To Cover up his PECKER!!! Hahaha.

Now keep in mind... these are just to help brighten a dull Friday... like I said... these jokes have not received any awards. The next one is a little longer and may require a bit of practice prior to actually reciting it for a large group.

Joke #2:
A farmer had three daughters. It was a FRIDAY night and they were all getting ready while waiting for their dates to pick them up separately, of course.

The first potential suitor knocked on the farmers door.
The farmer answered. The first guy said, "Hi. My name is Eddie. I am here to pick up Betty. We are going out for Spaghetti. Is she ready?" The farmer responded, "Not quite, come on in."

The second guy showed up, and nervously knocked on the door.
Again the farmer answered. The second guy stood on the front stoop and said, "Hey. My name is Joe, I am here to pick up Flo. We are going to the show. Is she ready to go?"
And the farmer invited him in...

After a few more minutes the third guy knock eagerly on the farmer's door.
The farmer went to the door and opened it. The third guy said, "Hi. My name is CHUCK!"

Maybe these little jokes tickled you like they did me... or maybe I have a third grade sense of humor. Not sure, but I am a fan of both. Share these with a coworker... brighten someone else's day! Just a enjoy a good laugh, if you will. Happy Friday Yall!!

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Katie Beth said...

Oh Jess - thanks for that lovely pic of sure does bring back some great memories! Perhaps this night we were at Supper Club, front row, jammin out and just lovin' us some Fruit Loop - oh the days! Miss you!

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