Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Before & After: My China Cabinet

You may recall this post regarding the great deal I got on a china cabinet and buffet. At the time I didn't know what route to take as far as refinishing and updating the two pieces of furniture.

I was torn-- I didn't know whether to paint them or to strip them and re-stain a deeper color.

The one thing I was certain about what that neither piece of furniture was going in my home without a little bit of updating.

My indecision caused me to seriously stall. I bought them in October of 2011, which was over a year ago.  They've been store in my parents' basement all this time.

Well, inspiration finally hit me. While in Senoia, GA to check out the Southern Living Dream Home, mom and I shopped around the little downtown area. One store had the prettiest furniture. I loved the table, the buffet, the desk, the china cabinet. Everything had great rustic chic finish that I loved.

Upon talking to the store owner we learned that she had done all of the furniture herself with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint & Wax.
***Please note: not to be confused with ChalkBOARD Paint, which is not the same thing***

I was sold!! I bought the color French Linen, which is a grey with brown undertones (I actually just made that up about the undertones but I think it's a fair description). I FINALLY HAD A PLAN FOR THE CHINA CABINET.

Let me refresh your memory....


Not exactly the look I was going for.

Over the past weekend mom and I taped off the glass and went to town with the Chalk Paint.

Now, what is so great about this paint is that you don't have to sand or prime the furniture. You just have to start painting it. So easy.

I applied two coats of the French Linen. The paint dries really fast. 30 minutes fast. After the two coats of the paint I used the Annie Sloan wax brush to apply two coats of the clear wax. The wax essentially gives the matte finish of the of the chalk paint a little more glossy look and seals the paint.

I actually bought the dark wax as well but after testing it out on one of the cabinet fronts I decided not to got that route.

The left is with the clear wax only. The right shows how the dark wax distresses it more.
I allowed the clear wax to "cure" for 48 hours. At that point I had my dad and Ryan bring my new china cabinet home to mama.

Mom and I unpacked my china last night and filled the china cabinet up with pretties.


(disclaimer- the pics are with my iPhone. My big camera was dead and I couldn't wait to share... so not the best quality)

I absolutely LOVE it! Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I realize that I need a bigger statement piece on top. I just placed that platter on top to get a feel for it. Ryan was amazed that I had all this fancy china stashed around the house (and at my parents).

It's not big enough to display all of my china so I stored the rest in the cabinet space below.

Here's the few from the living room!

(The table you see pictured above is abuot to become part of another project which will make way for a new table. We're talking reclaimed wood and stuff.)

Love. Now, the buffet is just calling to be "chalked" and maybe even the coffee table too!

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aLiSoN said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I am inspired. Was the chalk paint expensive? Can you find anywhere?

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