Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OTW-- A Surprise Party, An Engagement Party, & Candy Day

Whew, I'm tired. This past weekend was a lot. We had a surprise party for our friend Blake in Roanoke, AL (Ryan's hometown... stay down) on Friday night. It was Western Themed so we tossed on our boots and hit the road.

It was outside, therefore pretty cold, but we feasted on good food and potentially a few folks hopped on this guy for a good old bull ride:

Yes, they rented a mechanical bull for the party!

Saturday night we had to head back to Roanoke for an Engagement Party for Ryan's pal Will and his fiance, Julie. We've had an engagement party for some one in the Roanoke Clan for the past three years. Here's the linky to the one Ryan and I shared with some a couple of other folks! They are always a lot of fun. 

Sunday was Candy Day. Click this link to see last year's Candy Day.

Every year some one makes the comment, "HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SO MANY SWEETS?" and the answer to that question is "WHY YES. YES WE HAVE.... AT LAST YEARS CANDY DAY!"

It's craziness. It's fun. It's baby's running around, people laughing,  taste-testing the fruits of our labor, and most importantly spending quality time with the people we love most.

It got a bit heated when Lane and Paula began making two different recipes of Sand Tarts at the same time. Lane was working with her grandmother's recipe and Mrs. Paula had her own variation of the treat.

Some how it turned into a "pretend" episode of IRON CHEF. Paula was the Iron Chef and Lane was the challenger.

In a blind taste test Lane's Sand Tart was declared the winner. (but it was really, really close) I've tasted both and they are equally good!

Ashton blindfolded and ready for the Sample A.

And the winner is.... LANE.

But all is well that ends well, as the competitors shake hands. There is always next year and Iron Chef Paula will be back for a rematch!!!

It was the perfect afternoon to wrap up a very busy weekend!!

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