Monday, November 22, 2010

O.T.W.- Taboo, a Wedding, a Party, and a Bar

This past weekend was quite eventful, to say the least! We were on the go from quitting time on Friday until midday on Sunday.

A friend of ours got married in Birmingham on Saturday. The wedding was at 2 o'clock in the afternoon so it only made sense for Ryan and I to head on up on Friday so that we wouldn't be as rushed on the day of (plus I really wanted extra time to hang out with friends).

Friday night my friend, Lacey, and her husband John were kind enough to host everyone at their house for finger foods and games. We played charades and then got into a rowdy game of Taboo- guys v. girls.

Let's just say the girls dominated because that' how we roll!

Ali, Deidra, Lacey, Katie Beth and Me!!

Our intentions for Friday night were to get together for a couple of drinks-- nothing too rowdy, as we knew we had a big day planned for Saturday. However, before we realized, it was close to two o'clock in the morning... so much for the "the take it easy" game plan.

On Saturday Ryan, Deidra and I enjoyed [a late] breakfast together before getting ready for the wedding. It wouldn't be normal if we arrived at the scheduled time for the wedding. We came in on two wheels around 1:55 pm for the 2:00 pm wedding. We quickly greeted the waiting wedding party and made our entrance into the church.

After the ceremony we headed downtown to The Loft at Flower Stems for the reception. What a great venue. Anyone in the Birmingham area should totally look into The Loft. Everything from the food to the band was amazing.

After feasting on the amazing spread we hit the dance floor! We got down without abandon.We rocked it like only white people at a wedding can do! At one point, Lacey was "cutting the grass" if I recall correctly.
I have tons of pictures similiar to these. For some reason Lacey and I kept taking "artsy" pictures of one another.

Bain getting 'Iced." Apparently a bucket of Smirnoff Ice was at the reception so several people got iced (i.e. they had to take a knee and finish a Smirnoff ice) It was too funny!

After having too much fun and probably hitting the open bar a little on the hard side we headed to a couple's shower for my friend, Katie Beth and her fiance, Brandon.

If I'm not mistaken, we came in a little on the loud side for Katie Beth and she quickly asked me to reel it in a bit, as most of the guest at the party had not been at a wedding all afternoon and some people were even pregnant {read: sober}! We quickly calmed it down for the sake of the bride and feasted on the delicious spread!  Katie Beth and Brandon got lots of neat things and the party was quite a success.

After hitting up that party we decide to finish the night off at J. Clyde's, in Southside. It was such a great weekend because so many of our hometown friends were gathered in one place. It seems like it gets harder and harder for everyone to be in the same town for a weekend of nonsense.

We basically spent the weekend laughing and carrying on.  It's always great when you can call one another on Sunday and relive the nonsense.

Sunday was the perfect weather to let the windows down for the drive back to the small town.

Oh, and I almost forgot... Guess who else got to spend the weekend in the big city???

Miss Maggie Sanford, that's who!!  She loved spending the weekend at Deidra and Bess's apartment. She chilled on the porch, bounced around on Bess's new couch, and explored every crevice of their apartment.

What a great weekend! I hope yours was just as fun!


Kristen said...

Such a fun weekend! I didn't think you ladies would make it to the shower, but definitely anticipated you being a bit scary if you did!

Katie Beth said...

Oh yes ... and believe me, there were much more "sober" people than just the pregnant ladies! I am glad you reeled in your team though ... thanks for stepping up!

Kristen said...

Did Lacey make it ?

Jessica said...

Lacey did actually make it...

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