Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Telly last night...

Last night was some fun television (in my opinion)!!

First of all, Pioneer Woman was on Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Bobby headed to the ranch for a thanksgiving feast challenge. It was so fun to watch!! I won't say who won in case any of you  have it TiVo'd to watch later.

Then in the nine o'clock spot People's Sexiest Men Alive came on ABC. According to Ryan, I'm what he considers "boy crazy." However, I am not. I'm celebrity crazy. I have a crush on lots of celebrities. After the show I told Ryan to guess my favorite all time sexiest man alive... 

He tossed out such names Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom (I think this was a joke), Jake Gyllenhaal and the likes. But never did he guess the one guy I would choose as my personal all time favorite from the the People Magazine's list of all time Sexiest Men Alive.

I refused to tell him for quite some time because, quite frankly, if you know me even a little bit then you should be able to guess the answer to that question. 

He thought long and hard and would occasionally toss out yet another guess. "Johnny Deep," he'd say. To which I would reply, "No! Come on. You know this." 

(this is one of the reasons I love Ryan. He goes along with random nonsense I come up with)

As we finally settled into bed... he told me I had to tell him before we went to sleep. So I decided to give him a hint.

The hint would only be one word and if he couldn't figure it out by that one word I would never disclose my all time celebrity crush.

The one word was "BONGOS."

He immediately knew exactly who my celebrity crush was... and I'm sure you do too!

Matthew McConaughey!!!!!

There's just something about Matthew's free spirit, hot bod, and sexy smile that I love. I mean, who does an interview with Barbara Walters and admits that there is no other way to play the bongos other than in the nude?


d.a.r. said...

It was so fun to watch PW on Food Network. It's funny, reading people's blogs, you get a preconceived idea of how their voice is going to sound, what their lil' quirks are...and then find out you are totally wrong, ha!

Lacey said...

i think i spoiled who won for anyone who reads my post today! haha

amen to mm being the sexiest. i think he'd get my vote too. john hates him haha

Lacey said...

ooo i'd put leo and rob patt up there too tho

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