Friday, November 12, 2010

Country Crooner

As I've stated here before I love all things celebrity. From a good sit down with US Weekly to an awards show... I'm on it.

So Wednesday night when the Country Music Awards were on I couldn't help but flip back and forth to check it out. I love seeing what the celebrities are wearing, who sings what... and I even enjoy vocalizing my opinion about how well (or not) a group performs.

Ryan may have had to sit through comments such as, "When did Rascal Flatts become obsessed with glitter and diamonds? I swear, they each have on more sparkle than any man should ever wear. Ugh."

Ryan- Sorry you had to sit through that...

I would love to be able to attend the CMA's one year. I just think that would be so much fun. You see, I used to dream of being a county music star. True story. I even took it so far as to declare that as the occupation I hoped have upon graduation from high school. (and here's the kicker-- I do NOT sing)

When I was in the ninth grade going to the tenth grade it came time for my annual TAP (teach and parent) Conference. Prior to the conference my advisement teacher (whom I wasn't fond of) sat down to discuss the types of classes I would need to take over the next three years of high school.  For some reason this required that I explain what I "wanted to be when I grew up." So without hesitation I declared that I would love to be a country music singer when I grew up and asked her what type classes that would require. Looking back, I think I half way responded with that because I do think it would be an amazing job and the other half of me probably just wanted to piss the teacher off. Ahhh, the fun that is a teenager.

So needless to say, as I tuned in to the CMA's Wednesday night I had a few opinions.

If I had become a Country Music Crooner I would definitely have a personal trainer. No doubt about it. I was disappointed to see Kellie Pickler at this year's award show. I'm not sure what the deal was. I just was not feeling her look.

Is she preg and I don't know about it? I googled that question and apparently lots of people are wondering the same thing. She did recently get engaged, so maybe she is preg.  But that wouldn't explaining why she is so pale...

I'm mean look at her bod from a year or so ago:

I'm just saying.

If I were a country music star I would strive to look like this:
Carrie Underwood is so pretty, however, I've heard stories of Carrie not being the sweetest thing if you happen to run into her at a restaurant...
The biggest surprise of the evening, although it was no surprise at all, was when Gweneth Paltrow debuted her country music talents.

She sang with Vince Gill and it was actually not too bad. Props to her for branching way out. I would have totally hung with Gweneth after the show.

And last but not least... my favorite country couple would have to be these two:

Ryan and I would totally double date with Miranda and Blake. I'm sure Miranda would want to drink a few beers, as she seems to be quite the outlaw.

Overall, what I watched of the award show was quite entertaining. Now I'm off to brush up on my singing as I would much rather be on a tour bus headed to my next big show then sitting here at work counting down what seem like endless minutes until quitting time.

Happy Friday Yall!

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