Wednesday, September 8, 2010

O.T. (long) W.

Ahhh... I love nothing more than a three day weekend. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I love nothing more than a day off, if I'm just honest here. I think in another life I was a stay-at-home wife. I think I would be perfect in the role.

I would have the house clean at all times, the laundry organized by color and season, the house decorated to perfection. I would volunteer my time at local food banks, head up a Camp Fire group, and exercise twice a day at least three days a week. Oh to dream! But back to the story at hand... the long holiday weekend.

Ryan and I had an action packed Labor Day weekend. It was the official kick off to AUBURN football. You see, Auburn University has a special place in my heart and, well, the Auburn football team is the only team that matters to me (other than the Denver Broncos-- GO TIM but that's the NFL).

On this same weekend last year Ryan decided to ask me to be his boo for life. You can read all about that right here. I sure am glad he did!

Well, this year the first game of the season was a bit different. Ryan had already made plans to watch the game with some guy friends so I headed to Auburn, AL to spend the day tailgating with the girls.
The girls at the tailgate. (and if you checked the link above regarding last year's opening game.... Yes, I wore the same dress for this year opening game. It was good luck!)

The weather could not have been any better. The high was 86 degrees which means Fall was pretty much in the air in the South. When I heard the weatherman predict a high of 86 and low in the mid fifties I had to ask around to see if I would need a jacket... it's just been that long since I've felt a cool breeze.

Tailgating was awesome and the game was even better! War Eagle!
                                                             I'm not posing at all. This was just a random candid.
 On Sunday, we awoke to yet another beautiful day. So we headed to the lake. It was officially the last weekend of the summer, so we needed to get one more day on the lake under our belts. We enjoyed a ride on the sail boat, which was so relaxing.

Bess and I enjoying the sail boat adventure.

Somehow Lacey ended up "driving" which could have been scary.

Then we decided to head to a concert at our local amphitheater. The line up included The Benjy Davis Project, Shooter Jennings, and Corey Smith.

Deidra and Ali sitting on the lawn at the amphitheater.

I was pumped about Shooter Jennings, as I have several songs on my ipod of his that I like to jam to. Plus he totally rocked it in Walk the Line.

Thanks to a good friend, we got to do a meet and greet with the bands. Like I said, I was most eager to chat it up with Shooter. His manager came out and told us that he would do his meet and greet after the show- we would need to come back then. That was fine with me.

So we snapped a few pictures with Benjy Davis and Corey Smith... both of whom were really nice.

Benjy Davis with Lacey and myself.

The girls with Corey Smith.

The concert was pretty fun. We really jammed to Shooter Jennings.

Are you intrigued as to how I was able to snap a picture from such an angle- high above others...

Well, I had a good angle because Deidra....

...was kind enough to toss me on her shoulders. Ha. She's really strong.

After Shooter's performance we headed to the tour bus and waited. A total of five people actually took the time to come back to meet him. (he's not that famous after all) When he came off stage there we were waiting.

This is the picture I got with him:
Yes, that is him walking right by without any regard to the five people standing there. I was saying, "Hey. Why are you just walking right by?. How rude."

I ended up chatting with his manager and bass guitarist.

I let them know that the fans are what make celebrities who they are. When you only have a total of five fans wanting for a quick picture... you take the picture. I politely asked them to let Mr. Jennings know that he officially lost a fan. (because they cared)

I'm not down with rude... I don't care if your Daddy is Wylon.

Other than Shooter not being the sweetest thing, we all had a good time...

For some reason we decided to recreate this picture from another time at the amphitheater.
 Me and the bro

It was an action packed weekend consisting of lots of good food, lots of our closest friends, a lot of football, a little lake action, some good music and maybe one too many cocktails.

Monday I spent the day watching a Real Housewives marathon while Ryan watched, get this, football.

I officially wish that every weekend was three days long (but who doesn't?).


Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Hi Jessica! I just started following your blog. Great seeing you at the amphitheater the other night.

Jessica said...

Oh Yay! I'm so glad that you decided to follow my blog. I will have to mosey over "A Classic Pearl" and follow you too!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

it looks like such a good time had by all. i love your dress, btw!

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