Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sweet Mags is having surgery in the morning. She is getting "fixed." I've worried about it all week. I just wish she could talk so that I could explain it to her. Like, maybe it would be easier if she had a grasp of what is about to come... instead of being blindsided.
 She would have gone earlier in the week, but when I found out she would have to stay over night I rescheduled. I needed time to get my mind around Maggie being all by herself at the vet overnight... (probably scared).

Do you love her new dog bed? She certainly does!

Harley never got "fixed" because I could never bring myself to call and make the appointment. All the "what ifs" kick in to high gear. But according to Ryan, we can't think like that.

So in the morning I will drop Maggie off for surgery and more than likely get suckered into the more expensive "care plan." 

I will keep you posted.


mandy said...

Hey Jessica! I love reading your blog!!

Just thought I would make you feel better about taking Maggie in the morning. We got our pug fixed back in April. She's 6 and did great! Our vet let us take her home that evening and she was so drugged/sleepy that she didn't have a clue where she was.(She didn't even know us for a while.) All she did was sleep. I even had to pick her up and take her outside to potty later that night. She just stood there in the yard staring off into space. So, if it makes you feel any better, Maggie won't have a clue that she's by herself all night. She will be in lala land.

Lacey said...

Iris and Mona got Maggie Rainbow on their hearts this morning! They've both been there done that, and will both admit it rocks not getting a period!

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