Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photography Class Update

For my photography class this week we are working on Depth of Field. Our assignment this week was to take one photo with a shallow depth of field and one with maximum depth of field.

We had to email our pictures to the teacher and the class is going to critique each one tomorrow night in a group discussion. (ahhhhhhh) To make matters even crazier while not only trying to understand the rule of thirds and depth of field we were limited to taking pictures of subject matter beginning with the letter 'A.' (so I had to get creative/get my mom to help think of a few things because I could only come up with apple)

So here we are:

An Alpaca with a minimum depth of field

 (side note on alpaca-- they are so much fun. I will post more of my pictures of them tomorrow.)

Arches showing max depth of field.

I actually spent more time trying to visualize the  "rule of thirds" grid while framing the picture, which I think caused me to not focus as much on the actual picture (if that makes any sense).

I understand fully the ability to create a blurry background (or bokeh) but I wish we hadn't been limited to the letter A for the sharper image because I think I could have done a lot better with a landscape photo at our farm.

I can look at both photos and name several "problems" so I am fully prepared for my classmates to point them out--- but it's a learning process, right? Constructive criticism can only make me better!

Also big thanks goes out to my "second shooter" for tagging along. Look how much help he was:

1 comment:

Katie Beth Owens said...

haha Ryan cracks me up! Perfect picture of him ;)

You were VERY creative with the letter 'A' and that alpaca is precious! I definitely would have been stuck on apple!

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