Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Month of May

... as described in poetry.

I received this poem from Lacey this morning:

May is here
we are in the clear
hot and sunny
holler back Easter bunny

You are going to get hitched
the raging* is to be ditched
alana may lose a leg
at your wedding I will hit the keg

fast forward eleven days
Jamaica, mon', is where you stays
You'll get tan and hang with your boo
then back home to your lacey loo!

Then---you know what comes next
as sure as the sun rises
and sets in the west
it will be our favorite time of year
because not only are you getting married
but MD 2010 is near!!!!!!!!!

The only thing I could do was respond back in the form of beautiful poetry as well:

May is a month of lots of fun times,
I love that you came up with such a dope rhyme.

I'm for sure getting hitched, but
all this planning has been a bitch...

I can't wait until I say I DO
so we can hit the reception and kick back a few.

Oh, the beach in Negril is calling my name.
It's just what I need, as my life has been insane.

We will bring in MD 2010 in style
And then it's your big day in a short little while.

I then signed off with a haiku...

Here's to May!
The most splendid month.
Let it be.

*edited content


Lacey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lacey said...

This post gives me warm feelings!


*raging : bahahahahah good one

-why don't you post my sweet PANTY POEM?

-the haiku was edgy

Deidra said...

We have much to look forward to, but have forgotten something though,

before anything else--today we celebrate, Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

May 2010---LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!

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