Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Over the past weekend thirteen girls gathered in one bad ass beach house in honor of my last rage, as it was my Bachelorette Bash in Destin, FL.

I have attempted to make these two post as G rated as possible, however it was tough because it was one wild weekend. Some of the events that took place in Destin will not be known to the blog world or Facebook... it was the weekend of "shhhh, don't tale"

Deidra, my Maid of Honor, planned and executed one narley weekend. Friends came from miles around. Some ventured from Birmingham, others from Auburn and some from my hometown. We arrived Friday afternoon with our game faces on. I had no idea what to expect of the weekend, as I had been kept in the dark about most of the plans. The only thing I knew for sure is that if this was my last rage I wanted to go out with a bang!

Once everyone arrived at the beach house I got to open a goody bag filled with all sorts of bachelorette nonsense. Items included the narley head band that I rocked all weekend, the bachlorette sash, and little naughty straws... the typical requirements of a good bach bash!

After a quick dinner in, it was time to get ready for the events of the night. Like I stated previously- I had no idea what was about to go down. The only thing I knew is that I wasn't supposed to have packed an outfit for Friday night, as it would be provided for me.

As everyone got ready I was blindfolded...

...waiting with anticipation to see what the theme of the evening would be. When I opened my eyes what did I discover?

(please don't be scared of Peter in the right corner of the above picture. He tags along on all bach weekends)

All the ladies would be rocking crazy bridesmaids dresses from years past. I'm talking puffy sleeves and all.

This could only mean one thing for me-- I would rock the sexiest long sleeve turtleneck wedding dress anyone had ever seen- and with pride I might add.

We had a quick bridal shoot of me in the dress and then snapped some pictures as we waited for the taxi to scoop us up.

We must have been really loud because someone called in a "noise complaint" and a police officer showed up!! I was scared because he "arrested" me.

It was weird because he is the only police officer I've ever met who shows up for a noise complaint with a boom box.... GIRL YOU KNOW I, I, I, .....

After we settled matters with Officer Vincent, we hit up AJ's for a night of wild dancing- (and yes, we did indeed hit the town in our narley wedding garb).

However, fear not- we didn't get too rowdy, as Ryan was ever present throughout the weekend. He was there to keep an eye us....

Stop by tomorrow for Part II of the most rad last rage ever to go down...


Lacey said...

SHHHHHHHHHH.....Don't tell!

shot shot shot shot shot shot!!! *fist pump*fist pump

Deidra said...

Having a friend "arrested" for being a wild bachelorette--

Almost getting thrown out of a beach house for being "too crazy"--

Fearing for our lives, in what is sure to go down as the craziest taxi ride in history, FOLLOWED by the taxi driver fearing for HER life because WE almost killed her--


Linda said...

I am totally scared of you girls! Sounds like fun was had by all (Jessica's famous quote).

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