Thursday, October 22, 2009

Number One Answer!!

I don’t really watch game shows on a regular basis, but if I’m ever scanning the channels looking for a something to occupy my time and happen to come across Family Feud- I have to watch it.

Why, you may ask yourself…

Well, it’s because I want to be on that show. I always have. I have it all planned out. Team Toland would consist of Mom, Dad, Justin (my brother), Ryan, and me. I would totally be the team captain!

When I’m watching it, I like to pretend I’m on the show... I guess aloud and clap while shouting “GOOD ANSWER, GOOD ANSWER”- basically just getting ready for the audition the Toland Family is sure to have.

In doing a bit of research for this post I decided to check out Family Feud’s website. Needless to say, I came across a phone number that one can call to set up an audition time. As it turns out, the show is in the “off season” at this time but auditions will resume in April 2010. I also found out that each team member has to be “blood related, legally adopted, or legally married,” which is when I realized that we couldn’t go on Family Feud until Ryan and I are legally married. Now you know why Ryan and I are getting married… it’s all a scam to get my dream team on Family Feud.

I left a message for “The Family Feud Team” to email me and let me know when they will be holding auditions in my area… hopefully we’ll know something by March 2010.

Justin- I realize that Wheel of Fortune is more up your alley, but you need to be practicing. I'll need you to be able to bring your A-game. I don’t want to have to replace you with Nelda… although that would make some pretty good television… hmmmm…


Midwest Mommy said...

Ray Combs (spelling?) was always my favorite host. Didn't something bad happen to him?

Lacey said...

OH JESSICA!! I would want to be on TEAM Toland, does that mean you and Ryan have to adopt me??!

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