Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Years Today

Today marks three entire years of being married to my best friend and love! 

We've been together for six years and married for three of those years. It's a crazy thing that love. It's hard to imagine loving someone even more as time goes by... but I do. Ryan is my partner in crime, he makes me laugh, he he keeps me clam, he grounds me, he makes me a better person. And I hope I do the same for him.

I always said my one day husband would dance with me... 

Would laugh with me....

I never said my one day husband would slip-n-slide with me down a freezing cold muddy slip-n-slide, but I love Ryan even more because he did.

I got everything I even dreamed of and then some.

Ryan is a go-teamer and is pretty much game (with some convincing) to do anything to make me happy. He is even willing to dress up in whatever crazy costume I come up with for parties...

Bad guys from Home Alone for a Christmas Party

Here's to many, many more fun-filled, laughter filled, love filled years to come!!  I am so blessed he is mine.


Elizabeth said...

Love the pics, especially the last one! Congrats on three happy years.

Kristen said...

Love this sweet post!

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