Monday, December 21, 2009

And the Parties Begin...

Ryan and I had our first official wedding party this past weekend. Three couples (including us) from Ryan's home town are getting married within the next six months. So a group of Ryan's closest friends got together to host one big shindig in honor of the three couples.

Dee and I (she's the M.O.H.)

Being that the party was the weekend before Christmas I didn't know if many of my friends would be able to come, however, they didn't let me down.

We danced the night away, I may have sang a Janis Joplin song acapela while I was supposed to be making a 'thank you speech', and we laughed a lot!

Can you tell these two are brothers?

Showing off my cool "crown like" head band.

Apparently Lacey wanted a cool head band, as I must have really been rocking it!

I wanted a picture of Ryan and I with the other two couples the party was for, however, this what I ended up with:

... a picture of one person from each couple. That's Nutt on the left and Austin on the right.

Group Picture of the Guys

What was left of the girls at the end of the party!

The party was a huge success! Every one that helped host it really out did themselves. Here's to all the parties to come!! 

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Lacey said...

yay for parties! I wanted a head band too! hahad

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